Communications Exec

About us

Tandemic is a firm that builds social movements by organising communities around causes using social media and on-ground events. Tandemic is the company behind Makeweekend, Hackweekend, Do Something Good, and the Social Innovation Lab.

Be part of a team that promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and social change. Your work will impact thousands of people across multiple communities, one person at a time. Tandemic houses people with a plethora of talents and expertise, all of which contribute to the growth and development of the company and communities we work with. Be prepared to take the lead and push this company forward.

Communications Lead Overview

The communications lead will be responsible for the overall communication that happens between Tandemic and the rest of the world. The communications lead will help identify cool people and organisations that we can work with to make our projects even better, ensure that people know about what we do and build and maintain the communities that we engage with online.


    • Building and managing relationships with stakeholders
    • Content management
    • Online community management


    • Build relationships with media and maintain existing contacts
    • Strategise relationships with external stakeholders that need to be built and maintained for projects carried out by Tandemic
    • Lead generation of online content to engage online community
    • Manage newsletters and content on Tandemic’s website
    • Lead team member to coordinate content on Tandemic’s website and social media presence
    • Coordinate maintenance of website and social media presence
    • Lead generation of media-related content (press releases, features etc)


    • Strong writing and communication skills
    • Minimum 1 year working experience
    • A deep understanding of media and public relations
    • An understanding of new media technologies and how to use them
    • Fluency in Bahasa Melayu an added advantage

For more information or to apply, contact Nithtia at [email protected]