Media Relations Intern

Media Relations Overview

The media relations intern assists in planning, publicising, and building media strategies and partnerships for reaching out to the masses regarding events run by Tandemic. The media relations intern plays a pivotal role to the success of our events’ media strategies.

Every detail, including planning, media liaison, and setting up a publicity campaign, right through to the all important ‘wow’ factor of the stories we wish to share with the public is left in your capable hands.


  • Formulating media strategies that cover various media platforms
  • Understanding and providing angles for press releases/media content
  • Maintaining positive rapport with media contacts


  • Media monitoring for coverage of events run by Tandemic or its partners
  • Formulate press releases based on appealing and insightful angles
  • Curate media contact list for various media platforms
  • Coordinate and facilitate media presence at Tandemic events

For more information or to apply, contact Nithtia at [email protected]