Every day, in schools around the country, teachers are taking money out of their own pockets to run special science demonstrations in their classrooms or provide school supplies for children whose families can’t afford them. Last year, we launched a crowdfunding social enterprise to start looking at addressing that — and enabling each of us to share in the responsibility of providing great education to the next generation. is a Malaysian crowdfunding platform for education. If you’re a teacher looking to do a project that directly benefits your students’ education, we provide a place where you can gather your local community, businesses, and online donors to finance it. 100% of project donations on the platform go to teachers.

To date, we’ve fully funded 12 projects impacting 3,000 students. These projects range from transforming an empty room in a school into a English study room to Malaysia’s first crowdfunded community archeology project with school students. This week, we launched an exciting new set of projects by educators across the country — from Penang to Sarawak.

We think this platform is hugely important for student learning. We’re helping small educational interventions in classrooms get funded across the country. But the impact of goes far beyond that. There are two other outcomes that we’re particularly excited about. The first is that creates a new platform for communities and parents to literally become invested in the education of their kids. The second is that we’ve seen how empowering teachers to pursue the initiatives they think are important for their students’ education brings back their motivation.

I highly encourage you to browse the projects on the site. Check out a fantastic project that takes virtual reality field trips to kids who wouldn’t able to go on field trips or a project to help bring programming skills to underprivileged kids.