Innovation Accelerator

Guiding teams through the nuts and bolts of bringing a new product, service, or intervention to life using lean innovation

The Innovation Accelerator is a 12-week programme for teams pursuing innovations around a critical business or social challenge for your organisation. Teams are guided through a structured approach, tools, and have coaching across the five phases of moving a specific product or service innovation towards pilot or commercialisation in your organisation. Our clients sometimes refer to Innovation Accelerator as an innovation incubator or an innovation garage.

As teams work on an innovation project, they gain in-depth practice and build skills in the design thinking approach through a series of mini-workshops, weekly coaching, and our Design Thinking Toolkit. Teams run co-design workshops with stakeholders, work on building organisational buy-in for their innovations, and have touch points with senior management to validate the direction of their innovation.

Upon graduation, Innovation Accelerator teams have had the practical experience to coach others in the organisation through design thinking projects. Innovation Accelerator is a vehicle to make a more agile and innovative work culture within the organisation business as usual.

Looking for something shorter? Have a look at doing a 5-day or 2-week ALT Sprint.

Move Innovation Forward

Innovation Accelerator provides the structure, guidance, and skills to move an innovation project forward and tackle the roadblocks your innovation team will encounter on the journey.

Design Thinking Toolkit

Innovation Accelerator teams receive our Design Thinking Toolkit, which includes method and process cards that guide teams through applying a broad array of design thinking tools, whether it’s planning an excursion to get customer insight or quick ways to prototype a service.

Adaptive Approach

Creating the space and time for innovation looks different in every company. We do concentrated sprints of work and participants have coaching calls between sprints, allowing participants to manage their own time.

Programme Goals

Develop the depth of skill of design thinkers across the organisation by working on a real project with coaching from experts

Act as a platform to launch innovation projects that are significant to the organisation

Build a cadre of internal design thinking coaches who have sufficient practical experience to provide guidance to other teams getting starting with design thinking

Participants Will Be Able To

Hands-on experience with each stage of the design thinking process

Developed a deep understanding of potential users and their underlying needs

Prepared presentations to involve senior management at key decision points across the process

Developed an idea, created a rough prototype, and validated the business opportunity with real buyers

Created a brief business case for their project to argue for it to be moved to the next stage of development, which could be a pilot or commercialisation

Available Internationally

Innovation Accelerator is available in multiple languages and locations, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and more.

Digital Tools

Participants get access to digital copies of tools and frameworks you can use in your organisation to apply design thinking.

5-18 Participants

We recommend 5-6 participants per team and up to 3 project teams working Design Sprints simultaneously.

Five phases of design thinking



Participants learn interviewing and other anthropological approaches to deeply understand users



Participants reframe the challenge by uncovering new angles or opportunities for change



Participants develop and categorise ideas before fleshing out a direction for their solution



Participants identify key risks, develop prototypes to test those risks, and iterate



Participants learn about how they can bring design thinking into their everyday work

Interested in bringing Innovation Accelerator to your organisation? Looking for a different format? Let’s have a chat.