Innovation & Training Intern

Tandemic is an innovation lab. We are here to create new and better approaches to solving tough business and social problems in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia. We “build to think” — our success doesn’t come through producing a report that sits in someone’s desk but by delivering new products, services, and even business models that have a meaningful impact on improving peoples’ lives.

Join us and you will be able to impact the way thousands of people across multiple communities and businesses engage in creative thinking and building a better society.

Training & Development Practice

Our Training & Development Practice provides workshops and capacity development programmes in design thinking and lean startup. We create transformation journeys that build an entrepreneurial environment even in established organisations, help staff innovate around user needs, and make use of rapid prototyping to develop products that respond to deep user truths. Clients include Sime Darby, Maxis, MaGIC, Ministry of Youth & Sports Malaysia, and Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation Malaysia.

Consulting Practice

Our consulting practice works with organisations to research, design, and prototype social innovations. We work alongside our clients to create meaningful social change by developing strategy, shedding light on complex ecosystems through research, and validating new solutions. Clients include UNICEF, Novo Nordisk, Ministry of Health Malaysia, UNESCAP, UNDP. Join us and be part of impacting the way thousands of people across multiple communities engage in creative thinking and in building a better society.

Tandemic is looking for Innovation & Training Interns

to support the development of high-impact projects. There’s no coffee delivery or photocopying here (really, paper?). There is also no role as a bystander. You will come in and immediately be part of the team. We’ll be asking you to help deliver on important projects, solve problems, manage project timelines, and take part in external meetings. The specific project(s) you’ll work on will be based on your own growth interests and the needs of our projects. Hit the ground running (and fast) will be the best way to describe the Tandemic experience. Each week is different than the last. 

Once you’re here, you might:

Work closely with the team during the conceptualising, planning, implementation, and monitoring phases of a project

Plan out projects, including detailed tasks and timelines

Manage work within a team of people to deliver our work in a coordinated way and according to timeline

Conduct research on social initiatives and find potential partners

Liaise with clients and partners to keep them updated on our progress and troubleshoot challenges

Intern Requirements:

Age 18 and above

Deeply committed to social change

Demonstrated interest in Design Thinking (human-centred design)

Detail-oriented and organised

Practical, hands-on, and committed to making sure the job gets done

Enthusiastic and quick at learning new things and always looking to improve themselves

Proficient in English, a bonus if you speak Bahasa Malaysia (not a requirement)

Interested in joining the family?
Drop us your CV and we’ll be in touch!