Design Thinking Experience – Workshop

Cut past the post-its and the legos and experience the value of design thinking applied to business or social challenges.

Tools and approaches you can bring back into your daily work

This 2.5 day, high-energy workshop adopts “learning-by-doing” approaches and real service design case studies to help participants learn to apply the fundamentals of design thinking. Participants learn about the design thinking approach, methods, and tools by working on a project in a small team and through short reflections. We bring our experience in practice and a series of proprietary tools Tandemic developed and uses in the field to make design thinking more effective and practical.

Design thinking can be used to design unique products, services or service components which stand out from the competition or solve complex challenges in new ways. It can help optimise existing products or services around what users really want, cutting away wasteful effort and concentrating on a unique user experience across various on- and offline channels.

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Real Challenges

The Design Thinking Experience doesn’t use simulated challenges. Participants work on a real and important challenge or opportunity for your organisation as they learn to apply design thinking.

Relevant Case Studies

It’s not always easy to understand how examples from different industries might apply to yours. We have created several versions of the Experience for particular sectors, such as social innovation and subscription services.


Facilitator Team

Each Design Thinking Experience workshop includes 2 trainers and between 4 and 6 facilitators. This creates a significantly stronger learning experience, ensuring that all participants get detailed guidance and real time feedback during the workshop.

Workshop Goals

Build awareness about what design thinking can do and how it can be applied in the workplace, particularly around the improvement of existing services and the development of new products/services in existing areas of work

Equip participants with the basic tools of design thinking and service design

Identify a core group of design thinking champions who might carry out a deeper design thinking project within the organisation

Participants Will Be Able To

Gain user insight through interviews and observations using the design thinking approach

Map product, service, or intervention pain points

Reframe challenges, articulate opportunities and brainstorm new approaches

Plan a product or service prototype

Available Internationally

The Design Thinking Experience is available in multiple languages and locations, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and more.

Digital Tools

Participants get access to digital copies of tools and frameworks you can use in your organisation to apply design thinking.

20-35 Participants

We recommend 20 to 35 participants per Design Thinking Experience workshop for the best learning experience.

Five phases of design thinking



Participants learn interviewing and other anthropological approaches to deeply understand users



Participants reframe the challenge by uncovering new angles or opportunities for change



Participants develop and categorise ideas before fleshing out a direction for their solution



Participants identify key risks, develop prototypes to test those risks, and iterate



Participants learn about how they can bring design thinking into their everyday work

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